Barbara Bux

From April 25th to 28th 2024 two works of my series “Structures in eternal time” are presented at the “Supermarket Independent Art Fair” in Stockholm.
Under the title “On the Urgency of Dreaming” the works will be shown in the booth of the Artspace Eulengasse.



My artistic focus is primarily on pencil drawings. I use them in small formats as well as in large, space-related works.
My works unite random abstract elements, like lines and structures, with elements of classical pencil drawings.
A mixture of external impressions and personal emotions guides my drawing hand.
The result is the “Calligraphy of Coincidence”, as I call this way of drawing.
The forms emerge from the imagination and find their way onto the reality of the drawing.

On demand I do portraits  or „wish drawings“.
I put my skills at your service and translate your stories and emotions into fine art pencil drawings.

Additionally, I am a graphic designer and available for commissions.
I have worked for museums, PR agencies and private individuals, designing small and large scale illustrations for exhibition design,
murals, internal design and book illustrations on request.

Besides my classical drawing skills, I am mastering all the common digital tools.
Recently I started to explore the artistic possibilities of digital drawing.